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LLN (6/19/18) – The legal side of technology in trucking

Terry Scruton talks to the guys at Road Law about the legal side of technology in trucks. A proposal is in motion in California to punish shady port companies. And a Missouri law aims for safer roadside inspections. Terry gets the scoop from OOIDA’s Mike Matousek. Finally, we’ll hear from OOIDA’s Nile Elam about how autonomous vehicles could affect the workforce.

00:00 to 10:07 Newscast

10:07 to 24:55 The Legal Side of Technology in Trucks

24:55 to 39:48 Proposal in California to punish shady port companies

39:48 to 49:59 How autonomous vehicles could effect the workforce

LLN (6/18/18) - Drug and alcohol testing

Mark Reddig gets an update on important information you need to know about drug and alcohol screenings from OOIDA’s Doreen Weakley and Rachel Aycock. The situation with the ELD mandate brought to mind the curfew some used to have as a kid. Terry talks to Mark Schremmer and Greg Grisolano of Land Line Magazine. We’ll also get a look ahead at what’s coming up in DC this week with OOIDA’s Mike Matousek.


00:00 to 10:08 Newscast

10:08 to 24:56 Drug Testing Update

24:56 to 39:47 Land Line Magazine shares some favorites

39:47 to 49:57 DC with Mike Matousek

LLN (6/15/18) – ‘Trick my Truck’; detention time

We’ll take a look back at the television show that made the Chrome Shop Mafia famous. Also on today’s program: truckers are talking detention time; is there or is there not a driver shortage; and a prominent official in Congress says we could actually see the president’s infrastructure package this year.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:39 – Looking back at “Trick My Truck”

24:39 – 39:30 – Detention time; Driver Turnover

39:30 – 49:43 – Infrastructure bill possible

LLN (6/14/18) – Easier to get DOT physical at the VA

A new rule will make it easier for VA doctors to become Certified Medical Examiners. We’ll have that, plus: an OSHA meeting on whistleblower protections; Maryland cities getting more road work money; electronic tolling coming to New Hampshire; upcoming truck shows; OOIDA fighting an effort to cut truckers’ meal and rest break pay; and a bill to end the tax on new truck sales.

LLN (6/13/18) – A musical truck show; Roadcheck and rates

The Buckeye Invitational Truck Show took place this past weekend with an impressive musical lineup and more. We’ll have that, plus: Roadcheck slows down load postings and rates; diesel prices drop for the second week in a row; a House Transportation Committee member who lost his primary; and a Senate hearing on autonomous vehicles’ effect on our highways.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:46 – Buckeye Invitational Truck Show

24:46 – 39:37 – Roadcheck slows down freight market

39:37 – 49:51 – congressman loses seat

LLN (6/12/18) – Details matter with your taxes

Skimping on the details when you're doing your taxes could land you in hot water. We’ll have that, plus: California voters put transportation revenue into a lockbox; the San Francisco Bay area votes to raise tolls; a new Missouri law will block many roadside inspections; and the issues that keep cropping up on Capitol Hill.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:45 – Get the details right on your taxes

24:45 – 39:37 – California highway tax lockbox; higher tolls in Bay Area

39:37 – 49:47 – Unsafe roadside inspections get the boot from Mo.

LLN (6/11/18) – Trucker living the dream as Kansas singer

Veteran trucker Ronnie Platt has a new job – fronting the classic rock band Kansas. We’ll have that, plus a U.S. Senate committee taking a deeper look into the issue of autonomous vehicles.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 32:37 – Ronnie Platt, trucker and singer for Kansas

32:37– 39:36 – OOIDA Call to Action/Listener Comment Line

39:36 – 49:49 – How autonomous vehicles might beat up roads

LLN (6/8/18) – Truckers DO care, Mr. Congressman

What would you say about a congressman who thinks you don’t care about accident victims? We’d like to give him a Razzberry.

We’ll have more Roses and Razzberries, as well as: a great truck show this weekend; familiar issues on truckers’ minds; and a big push for a small-business exemption from the ELD rule.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:06 – Roses and Razzberries

24:06 – 38:57 – Spirit at the Buckeye Invitational

38:57 – 49:11 – Push coming for ELD exemption

LLN (6/7/18) – More drugs in truckers’ tests

The U.S. DOT has added a number of opioid medications to the list of those truckers are tested for. We’ll have that, plus: changing rules for left lane use; upcoming truck shows; fixing problems with TWIC; and an update on Roadcheck.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:06 – Opioids added to trucker drug tests

24:06 – 38:57 – Keeping slow pokes out of the left lane

38:57 – 49:10 – Fixing the TWIC; Roadcheck

LLN (6/6/18) – How “Convoy” came to be

The story told by the classic trucking tune “Convoy” starts on the sixth of June, which is also the anniversary of Land Line Now going on air. Today, we’ll have the story of how that song came to be. Also on today’s show: Freight and rates remain strong.

0:00 – 9:56 - Newscast

9:56 – 24:08 - Convoy Part I – How a classic came to be

24:08 – 39:00 - Convoy Part II – The trucks of “Convoy”

39:00 – 49:16  - Market Update – strong freight and rates

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